Friday, 15 July 2011

Oh my goodness!!!

Oh my!  Summer camp is now only one week away!!!   Only 7 more sleeps!!!!  Sooooo much to do still where I am going to find time????
I really ought to stop over using punctuation :S It really isn't very good grammar.

So, the menu and programme are finalised but I have shopping lists to make and before I can do that I need to work out how many people are on site each day so that I can be sure to buy the right amount of food.  Then I need to make sure that there's enough mony in the budget.
I need to find some more rainy day activities - I have karaoke and paper fan ping pong but that isn't going to keep 20 teenagers occupied for very long is it!

Then there's all the packing!  Fortunately I can leave most of the hard stores to the Scout Leaders and just give them a list of things not to forget.  However, there is all of our personal packing to be done and if I don't supervise the kids then they won't have the right stuff.

Oh and mustn't forget the cats!

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