Friday, 18 May 2012

New toys!

Wow, May already!  The first part of this year has passed in a bit of a blur for me.  All of my attention has been focused on my family for various reasons and unfortunately this will continue for some time to come I expect.  However, today I have returned to blogland and it is very definitely somewhere that I will endeavor to visit more often from now on.

The picture is of my new toy, purchased today with birthday money.  It is a portable photo studio and will (hopefully) allow me to show off my creations in a better light.  I always struggle to find a decent spot to photograph my cards, there's always some rubbish in the background or the light is particularly bad. I also now have a daylight lamp, courtesy of Annette who gave it to me on her return to America, thank you so much Annette. And, yes I know you shouldn't begin a sentence with and, I was so lucky to receive a new DSLR camera for Christmas that once I have learned how to use it my photos should improve no end!

So, I have spent this afternoon taking lots of photos of lots of projects that I have made over the past few weeks which I will share with you over the coming days.

Thanks for bearing with me during this difficult time xx

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